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Benefits for you


Find anything you want wherever you are! Through Space Spy, you can find the closest persons, your friends, or companies according to various criteria: distance, age, gender, what is he/she doing right now, or is about to do, nationality, language, hobby,..., etc.

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With just one click, you can connect with everyone! Have you found people or companies that match your search criteria? You can connect them one by one, select only some, or send a message at once to all email addresses!

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Recommend us and get paid! Every day, you recommend so many things...great movies, good restaurants, clothes, and websites!!! We are used to doing it for free...affiliate marketing is a way of making money through your recommendations. It´s so simple!

Benefits for your businesses

Find and Be Found!

On Space Spy, customers can easily find you on the basis of various criteria: type of business, distance, current status, state, nationality...,etc. A potential client is able through just one click can display the route from his/her current position to yours.

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Super - targeted advertising!

You can easily and precisely reach whoever you want, how many you want and wherever you want. You can connect with males, females, or solely with you want to target people within 20 km from your place? Or within 20 km radius around another city?

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The best market research

It takes only a few moments to find out what you need to do. Target your respondents very easily according to the same criteria as through advertising. Ask your customers whether they are satisfied, conduct market research before starting your business, ask your future customers whatever you want.

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